This Bed Has WiFi, Bluetooth, Speakers, Massage, Lights, Charge Ports, And A Moveable Base

If Steve Jobs saw the bottom of an Intellibed, he’d probably have a heart attack. If he slept in one, he might have gotten the sleep of his life.

For the past month I’ve been testing a bed with more technology than has ever been upstairs in my home at one time. It’s controllable via Alexa or Siri. It offers multiple positions thanks to a moveable base. It has ports for charging your phone. It has a six-speaker Bluetooth soundbar, underlighting like a tricked-out street racing car, WiFi, and a remote control.

You can kick off a vibration massage for your upper body or lower body, you can set it for a “zero-G” position in which your body seems to float, you can have it sing you to sleep.

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