The world’s best mobile ad networks: Announcing the 2019 Singular ROI Index

What makes the best mobile ad networks on the planet the best?

From a marketer’s perspective, the answer is pretty simple: the best mobile ad networks are those that provide the best return on investment. Ten dollars goes in, $15, $20 or more comes out.

In order to provide exceptional ROI, an ad network needs to offer scale: the ability to reach a significant number of potential customers or users. A great mobile ad network also needs to control for fraud, minimizing if not absolutely eliminating the bad actors who steal advertising dollars. And ideally, an ad network needs to deliver new customers or users who engage and who stick around: high retention.

To see what media sources are driving the best ROI with the most scale and the lowest fraud, download the full 2019 Singular ROI Index now.

Or, see more details in our blog announcement …