The top 50 mobile games of 2021 (so far)

candy crush saga mobile game

Games are ridiculously big. And mobile games are the largest and perhaps most innovative sector in gaming: 42% of all gaming revenues, according to Apple’s estimates of the size of the global video gaming market.

Games dominate the most profitable apps on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, but Android in particular is top-heavy with games:

top grossing games 2021

But which are the top games of 2021?

(The header image for this post is a big hint about the #1 game, by the way.)

I recently spent a couple days researching that for my client Singular (and thanks for data, Apptopia). From my post on the Singular blog …

To no one’s surprise by now, most top-grossing apps are games. But it’s interesting that this is especially true on Android … which provides a few hints as to why fintech mobile growth marketers didn’t follow the bulk of the user acquisition crowd to Android when Apple made mobile advertising performance measurement harder in iOS 14.5.

  • 60% of the top 200 most profitable iOS apps are games
  • 81% of the top 200 most profitable Android apps are games

It’s not all games, obviously … but clearly, games dominate. Especially on Android.

In fact, you have to go down to the 34th highest grossing app on Android to get the first dating app, Tinder. Everything above it is a game, except for Google One and a couple of streaming media services.

The question, of course, is which games are winning.

Check out my post on Singular’s blog for all the details, and my list of the top 50 mobile games in terms of gross revenue. (And yes, there are a bunch of caveats on that definition … read the post for all of them!)