The Linguist Update

This is months out-of-date, but I figured I should mention that I’m no longer affiliated with The Linguist.

I did some work for Mark and Steve Kaufmann as a consultant, operating under my Sparkplug corporation.

But about 4 months ago, it just became too much: work, family, home, blog, and business. Plus, I’m working on my masters in Educational Technology at UBC. So I simply told Mark I was too busy, and finished out the month contract I was working on.

My name still appears in some places on the blog I created for The Linguist … but it looks like Mark has changed my account information and all the articles that I wrote are now “posted by Mark Kaufmann.” My guess is that this was simply to not confuse visitors to the site with the name of a person who no longer does any work for The Linguist. Still, it leads to some interesting combinations of post author and post body.

In any case, it was a lot of fun, and I wish Mark and Steve nothing but the best. They’re quality people, and The Linguist is a great way to learn English.