The incredible disappearing content

Serious, HuffPo? Seriously?

I saw this web page on the Huffington Post a week or so ago and saved it to post about it later (much later as it turned out). Take a look at the amount of actual original content on this web page. I call it a web page because there’s no earthly way I can call it a story.

Content creators used to get upset at content aggregators. Now we’re happy when we’re mentioned at all, and some traffic trickles through. But this is just egregious. And it should be embarrassing. Putting that little content on that monstrous a webpage is an affront to every person who doesn’t have a financial interest in driving more pageviews and ad sales on the Huffington Post.

In the words of the recent Windows Phone 7 ad: really, HuffPo? Really?

You can do better.