The humanity! the humanity! Commenting on WordPress blogs

I was just alerted by a certain friend that commenting on this blog is an exercise in frustration.

Apparently, WordPress updated how comments are handled in response to the comment spam problem, and now you must be logged in to post a comment. Which means you must be a member. Which, yes, as the inexorable train of logic continues ponderously down the tracks, means you must actually sign up for an account in order to receive the much-coveted privilege and honour of speaking your mind on this not-so-public forum.


The difficulty of posting on this site was compounded by the fact that when surfers actually tried to leave a comment, they were rebuffed by the afore-mentioned “You must be logged in to comment on this site” message … but no means to actually do so. Double yee-haw. I’ve not added some links to the comment page with login and sign-up options.

In searching down the problem, I ran across this informative post on the topic.