Thank-you EFF for DMCA help!

March 22 note added:
I’ve been in touch with the owner of and we’ve resolved our differences amicably. The DMCA takedown notice has been removed.

Thank God for the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

When I received a DMCA takedown notice today (copy of notice, explanation) I immediately sent a request for help to BoingBoing. Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing is a well-known digital freedom activist and DMCA fighter.

Thankfully, Cory put me in touch with Julie Lindner of the EFF, and she sent me the following note:

Cory just forwarded your email to me at EFF. I handle legal intake and referrals and would be happy to try an help. If we do not have the bandwidth to directly assist, EFF has a national network of Cooperating Attorneys who take on similar issues. These attorneys are not employed by us but volunteer to hear about cases that we find interesting but are unable to take on ourselves. There’s no guarantee of representation through this referral list, but we can try. To do so, I need the
following information:

  1. In what city and state do you reside?
  2. Can you afford reduced fee legal counsel or are you looking for pro
    bono assistance?

  3. Has MediaTemple given you a response deadline?
  4. Please email me a PDF copy of your DMCA notice and any other relevant documents or communications to:
  5. Is there a phone number that you can be reached at in case we need to
    speak further about your situation?

For general information on the copyright and the DMCA, we suggest that you review EFF’s site and the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse site . CE is an online resource that addresses multiple IP and domain issues: C&Ds, trademark/copyright claims, parody/gripe sites, anonymity, defamation, cybersquatting/ACPA, UDRP process, reverse engineering, and linking. The FAQ sections go into detail about situations similar to yours and how to tell if someone has a legitimate claim against you. Also, CE has a database of cease and desist letters to which you can also submit copies of any take-down notice you receive.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):

Copyright and the DMCA:

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about Copyright:

I hope this helps for now and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Cory, Julie, and the EFF!

I’ve sent Linda and the EFF all the info, and hopefully we’ll be able to beat this.

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