Teens Revolt Against Trump TikTok Ban Threats

TikTok on the app store

Teens are fighting back against the Trump administration’s tough talk about potentially banning TikTok, and the official Trump 2020 app is a casualty of war.

It’s now sitting at an abysmal 1.2 out of five stars.

“Why are you banning TikTok?” asks a one-star review on the iOS App Store from “YEETERQUEEN” posted yesterday. “There are so many things that are more important than an app. You said you wanted to make America great again but idk if you understand how powerful we are. We still have more apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and much more. I’m sorry that you think you can stop us by deleting an app.”

That’s just one of literally hundreds left in the last few days as the Trump administration has amped up tough talk about China and Chinese apps.

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