Technorati Buzz Monitor

Looks like Technorati wants to promote its position as the arbiter of what’s what in the blogosphere. They’re releasing a newsletter, the “Buzz Monitor.”

I just got my initial introductory email:

The Buzz Monitor will be your weekly update of what’s happening on
the web, right now. We’ll pipe you headlines from the blogosphere,
photos from our members, tips and tricks for our publishers, and
guides for our users. All this delivered fresh to your inbox each
week courtesy of the world’s leading index of user-generated media.

The Buzz Monitor will arrive in html and text format, and will be
archived and available on

Expect the first edition of the Buzz Monitor to arrive next Friday,
and every Friday thereafter. We’ll strive to report the best of
the World Live Web every week, and we’re confident you’ll like it.

Reminds me of This Week in Rojo (TWIR) … Technorati has been great at helping bloggers understand who’s linking where (well, great at trying to do that), but it has not really been tremendously successful at helping technocrats capture the ongoing zeitgiest of the blogosphere.

Maybe this will help.

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