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Jamieson Vitamin F


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I simply cannot believe how some vitamin companies continue to create deceptive packaging. Essentially, they’re lying with their bottles.

In this case, here’s a bottle of Jaimieson vitamin D that my wife picked up this week. I opened it today, shook one pill into my hand, and then looked inside.

I had to look deep to catch a glimpse of the small pile of lonely pills at the extreme bottom of the bottle.

The discrepancy between the size of the bottle and the amount of vitamin inside it was so large I took them all out, put them beside the bottle on a side table, and took a picture. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

A couple of thoughts:

  • this is a waste of packaging – there’s more plastic in the bottle than required
  • which results in a waste of fuel in shipping, as Jaimieson ships a lot of air all over the world (which appears to contravene their environmental standards)
  • and it’s essentially a lie … a bottle that looks a certain size as you’re buying it, but delivers a fraction of that amount of product.

I think we all understand these days that packaging sells. I think we also have a right to assume that packaging does not also magically make 100 tablets look like 1000.

Companies that fail this test deserve an F for truthfulness, and an F for integrity.