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Sony Reader in use in K12 schools

This is interesting, particularly as a test for e-ink; however, it is worth noting that the VitalSource Library has been delivered on over ~400,000 computers in K-12. The Library includes over 2500 classics from literature, history, and the arts, as well as a dictionary (Oxford or Houghton-Mifflin) and, depending on the version, thesaurus or encyclopedia (Britannica).

Most private schools with laptop programs include the product in their image and LAUSD (the second largest school system) images it all instructional machines (Gateway, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Apple). As I believe you (David) know, VitalSource’s BookShelf software takes full advantage of the digital environment with an XML-based format that is reflowable and searchable (across entire libraries of content and notes). Learners can also highlight, takes notes and share notes with other BookShelf users.

via Sony Reader in use in Connecticut religious school: How do you feel about E Ink machines for K-12? | TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home.

Intelligence in a Sea of Data: Teaching and Learning in the Google Generation

This is a 2700-word paper for ETEC 533, a course in my Master of Educational Technology program at UBC.


But when just about anything anyone wants to know is a simple search away, what, specifically, constitutes education in the age of Google? And, is it enough to know about, without knowing how, or why?

This paper is inspired by Nicholas Carr’s widely read Is Google Making Us Stupid? That being the case, of course, I have absolutely no expectation that any of you will actually read the entire thing.

But you may wish to skim …

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Today I finished the last requirements for the current course in my master’s program: a 2-part, 4000-word paper.


This semester has been a long, tough haul, with a lot of work for school, and a lot of work for work. I’m looking forward to breathing a bit this summer as I don’t have any courses planned.

Of course, there is a ton of work on the house that I’ve been planning to do …



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My daughter Gabrielle won her school’s spelling bee this past week Thursday.

I was in Winnipeg for a quick business trip, but my wife Teresa took pictures and our son Aidan (4) took video.

The really cool thing beyond Gabrielle winning is that she’s in the lowest grade of middle school right now, so she beat out kids not only in grade 6, her grade, but also grades 7 and 8.

Her prize was the Ripley’s Believe it or Not book in her hand, and in March she may go to the regional spelling bee in Vancouver’s Orpheum.

Congratulations, Gabrielle!

Unbelievably busy

Well, I haven’t gotten around to doing anything at all on my new combined blog in the past week or so.  Part of the problem is the new job and the tremendous workload as I transition out of the old and squeeze into the new. Another part is the two courses I’m taking for my masters program. (That was a huge mistake: two courses plus a full-time demanding job plus a family plus some friends equals absolutely no time for numero uno.) I’m looking forward to December, because on December 1 I will have (God willing) completely all my papers and assignments for my courses, and I’ll be able to slow down a bit. I just submitted my last assignment for ETEC 522 – a education venture capital course – last night at midnight … and I have one last paper due for my ETEC 511.

It’s a 3000-word paper, though, so it’s not a minor project. Such is life: intentional imbalance for short periods of time to accomplish set goals. But I hope to regain some semblance of balance soon!