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Top 10 Productivity Secrets of Highly Successful People

Matt Rissel interviewed 100 highly successful people, trying to find the tools they used to make themselves successful. Only problem? There wasn’t any tool commonality.

However, there was a principle commonality. Here are the top 10 common principles that highly successful people share. They tend to …

  1. Have passion for what they do
  2. Surround themselves with excellent people
  3. Create an environment within which excellent people can succeed
  4. Maintain simplicity
  5. Know their motivation
  6. Create their secret sauce
  7. Make their decisions be great
  8. Balance their lives
  9. Execute on priorities
  10. Build their own system

Scoble interviewed Rissel on FastCompany.tv – take a look:

Productivity: making undesired behavior inconvenient

Just watched the excerpts of Scoble’s interview with Tim Ferris (the 4-hour-workweek guy), and one thing he said really resonated with me …

Control the environment, not the behavior

He said it in the context of finding a PDA for himself that had email but no wireless access, and not having a particular brand of dark chocolate in the house. Reasons: he knows himself, and he knows he’d be breaking his own rules about email access and healthy diet.

That’s a powerful insight: engineer your environment to make undesired behavior inconvenient. I’ll be finding some ways of implementing that in my own life and work.