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OpenMac: ugly but cheap

Please see the comment on this story from David Boone. This whole company appears to be a hoax – Gizmodo has the story.

PsyStar Corp‘s new OpenMac is a game changer for Mac switchers.Β It’s not pretty, and it’s not small. But it is very, very cheap.

Here’s the basic box. It’s available without any extras for $399.

And here’s the price … loaded up with a big hard drive, faster processor, 4 GB of RAM, a fast graphics card, and 3 FireWire ports:

I’m tempted to pick up one, but a couple of things hold me back.

First of all, I love Apple fit and finish. Aesthetics are important to me, and I don’t want objects in my house that I don’t love. Secondly, I’m fairly certain Apple’s next OS update will include some code checking if it’s on an OpenMac, and potentially brick your computer. (I’m also fairly certain that enterprising hackers will find a way around that, but I’m not the type that likes to do open heart surgery on my operating system.)

But I bet a lot of potential switchers will pick one up – primarily technical types who have wanted to check Apple out, but have not wanted to drop the grand or more that is the current price of admission (Mac Mini aside).

And the end results will actually be good for Apple with an expanded market, OS sales to anyone who antes up, and a cheap entry point to Mac that does not compromise the Apple brand.