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Comfort zone

From Roz Savage, who rowed across the Atlantic ocean and is now attempting the Pacific:

I believe that if you don’t keep pushing the boundaries, keep expanding your comfort zone, your comfort zone actually gets smaller and smaller, until you’re shrink-wrapped in such a tiny comfort zone that you can’t move, you can’t achieve anything, you can’t grow. And so I keep pushing, keep developing, keep evolving. I keep showing what an ordinary person can do when they put their hearts and minds and souls into it.

Skookumchuck Rapids

We’re currently on BC’s Sunshine Coast taking a week’s holiday. A couple of days ago we took a two-hour hike to Skookumchuck Narrows, which is where the tidal flow into a huge basin is constricted through a narrow passage and can exceed 30 km/hr.

Really cool rapids and standing waves … which the kayakers enjoy:

A day at Mount Baker

I took the day off today and we spent the day at Mount Baker. Tubing, playing, feeding the birds … absolutely gorgeous:


Here’s a short video that I took while tubing … following Gabrielle down the hill:

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I had to take a shot of this … it’s one of the hundreds of trees on East Badger Road, on the route I drive on most days on my way to my Bellingham, WA office.

I hate hate hate to see trees destroyed – some of them real giants, some of them beautiful, wonderful trees – and the worst part of it is that they are being destroyed because of people like me.

I don’t live in the neighborhood, don’t work there either. I just drive through.

The other tragedy of road-widening is the dozens of home that all of a sudden are 20-30 feet closer to the road … and not just a 2-lane road anymore.


Soul food

Whatcom creek

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About 3 minutes walk from my Bellingham, WA office is Whatcom Creek.

Just a couple minutes away, but quiet, calm, peaceful, and organic in every sense of the word – a very welcome break from a day inside an office!

I managed to get this photo by walking out on a fallen tree trunk that forms a nice little bridge across the creek.