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Mine, mine, mine: new electric Mini

I feel like one of the seagulls in Pixar’s Finding Nemo. When they see lunch in the form of Nemo and his sidekick exposed on a dock, they all start shouting “mine, mine, mine, mine” and swoop in for a bite.

A colleague who knows I drive a Mini just sent me a link to the all-new electric Mini:

As I mentioned to him, I’ll take e-Mini 2.0 … with more seating, a bit less weight, and perhaps a bit more range. This one is only a 2-seater, and has a 150 mile range.

But it’s tempting, nevertheless …


That’s the number of kilometers until my next oil change.

I just got my first oil change for my Mini today, at about 17,500 klicks. It’s pretty cool, because I’m used to getting my oil changed every 5000 kilometers.

The Mini oil changes aren’t cheap – about $200 – but getting one oil change a year is a major bonus, and getting 4 or 5 oil changes would add up to the same. (Particularly when you factor in the expensive synthetic oil.)

Here’s to a year or more of oil-change freedom!