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11 inches or 13?

So I’m in the Metrotown Apple store in Burnaby, BC. Yeah, Canada.

And I’m looking at the MacBook Airs … which I have been coveting for some time now. The core question is the cause of this post’s odd title. Should I get the 11″ or the 13″?

More screen is better, when you’re tied to a desk. More portable is better, when you want to be mobile. It’s a challenging question, since I’m not sure there’s a huge spec difference other than the screen size. And I’m not certain what the exact mix of my use will be.

The weight is almost immaterial … 2.38 pounds versus 2.96. If you get the slightly upgraded 11″ model, you can get a processor within 100 MHz of the 13″, plus the 4GB of RAM, which I think is important. One thing I do like about the 13″ is the SD slot … making it simply to transfer your photos, and potentially other data, without having to worry about cables. Other than that, they’re almost identical.

Screen size is the biggest differentiator. Of course 🙂

I’m writing this on the 11″ model right now, in an attempt to convince myself that this is all the screen I need. I’m not certain if I’m being successful …

Which would you pick?

[ update ]

So, I chatted to an Apple sales guy here. He asked what I was going to use it for, and found out I already have an iPad2, which I can pair with my ZAGGfolio for typing. Turns out the iPad screen and the 11″ are almost identical in size. That’s pushing me over the edge a bit, towards the 13″ …

Can I have a lying-down keyboard, please?

It’s now 8:26 PM. Most of the work of the day is finished … except, of course, the work for my current course.

I’m currently taking the seventh of ten courses that will bestow upon my bedazzled ego the title of Master (hah!) of Educational (double hah!) Technology. The challenge is finishing all ten before they finish me.

So, naturally, I’m lying down on the job.

More specifically, I’m lying on our wonderful 3-seater leather sofa, propping my MacBook against my knees, and typing with all the grace of a drunken penguin climbing Mt. Everest. My arms are curled like pretzels, and my wrists burn from keybordian curvitis.

But at least my back feels good.

What I really need is a keyboard for lying down on the sofa. I think it would look like a USB cable that plugs into your right temple. Direct brain-to-computer interface … no other interrupting medium needed, and no clack, clack, clack of keys either. The best keyboard ever invented – no keyboard at all.

Steve, Bill, anyone? I’ll pay up to 10 bucks. 15, tops.