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Economic crisis = software2.0 opportunity

So SAP’s in some trouble

Adding fuel to the raging fire on which stock valuations are now burning, SAP (SAP) Co-CEO Henning Kagermann this morning warned in a statement that market developments of the last few weeks have been “dramatic and worrying to many businesses,” which has triggered a “very sudden and unexpected drop in business activity” late in the company’s third quarter.

Well, when you sell multi-million installations to major companies, you’re extremely vulnerable to the onslaughts of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that is currently plaguing the interconnected global economy.

This is an opportunity for smaller, nimbler, simpler, and – yes – cheaper software. Web2.0, enterprise2.0, everything2.0 … this is your chance.

The needs have not changed. The requirements have not changed. If anything, they’re getting bigger, harder, and more intense. Because of this crisis, companies have to ramp up innovation, ramp up marketing, ramp up workloads just to tread water.

If they can’t afford the $150,000 solution … maybe they can afford your $500/month pay-as-you go software service.