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Get used to the spinning YouTube wheel of wait

I was trying to watch a short clip on YouTube today … this one, in fact. Unfortunately, it stuttered and stumbled like an aged man on a cobblestone path.

The problem? 1080P, streamed over an internet originally designed for bare, simple, small … text.

The solution, of course, is simple: take it down a notch or two. To, perhaps, “380P,” which must be a YouTube special as I haven’t seen it on any TVs in Best Buy lately.

I have broadband, as fast as I can get in my neighborhood, but I guess I’m not quite up to snuff. I wonder how many are? Things will change, of course, as they always do.

But the last mile moves slowly.

WordPress downloads AWOL, Twitter Search Confirms

[ update: WordPress downloads are working again ]

This is where Twitter comes in handy … proof that it’s not just me.

WordPress downloads are not working right now – when you click on the download link, you simply get an empty page. I first thought it must be a problem on my end, but when I quickly tried Safari as well as Firefox, I was fairly sure there was a real problem.

Then, checking Twitter search confirmed it. Here are the 10 most recent tweets about downloading WordPress:

[cetsEmbedRSS id=’http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=wordpress+download’ itemcount=’10’ itemauthor=’1′ itemdate=’1′ itemcontent=’1′]

That’s a live feed … and, thankfully, evidence that I am not finally leaving the twisted shreds of my sanity behind, or suddently growing stupid.