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Takes all kinds …

I tell you, I get the weirdest email sometimes …

This one was in response to my Sony camcorder & Mac OS X: Not happy together? post from a year or so ago.

i saw your blog about about the mac and sony cam! I am the victim of samsung not connecting with mac! kinda like pam anderson and kid rock! it sort of works but not the full throatle

anywho sorry to bother you i am sure you are busy! My problem i bought my cam yesterday from compusa which is going out of buisness so all sales are final!

now i think i can take it back raising h*ll in a calm way! i would even take a credit and buy something i can use! but i did drop 230 bucks so i am pissed not break a nail pissed I cant sleep at night pissed, because i was wrong

anywho why this random email well is apple coming out with a new usb chord?

you seem like you know yo sh*t and frankly i am a new user to apple just bought the imac beast 2 days ago!

take care!


More power to you, Mary. Hope everything worked out OK – and thanks for brightening my day with your email!