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iPhone WiFi Access is buggy

iphone-homeTonight I failed the husband geek-test: fixing something electronic for your wife.

“But it’s not my fault,” I told my wife. “It’s Apple’s fault – WiFi is buggy on the iPhone.” And I think that’s more than a excuse. I think it’s true.

Here’s the deal: we have a wireless network. My iPhone connects to it when I’m home, as does her iPhone. No fuss, no muss: fast free connection to the internet.

But when Teresa puts her phone in Airplane mode at night (as do I) and then wakes it back up again in the morning, turning Airplane mode off … WiFi never comes back automatically.

On my iPhone, turning Airplane mode off returns the phone to the state it was in when Airplane mode was first activated. On my wife’s, it changes the state to something different. In other words, it does not fully undo Airplane mode.

Now, before you ask:

  • same phone (iPhone 3G)
  • same firmware (latest updates from Apple)
  • same settings (General, network, WiFi, you name it)
  • OK, hers is black and mine is white

So what gives? In doing some googling, I notice that someone has the exact opposite problem. Others, on Apple’s support forums, have the same problem. Some can fix it by resetting network settings, some can’t. (You can put us in the can’t category.)

Very, very, very odd.

Here’s a visual overview of the problem in a slideshow:

Phone Wifi Bug

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WordPress 2.5x having troubling publishing posts?

Five times in the past 3-4 weeks I’ve written and published a post on this blog only to come back a day later and see it not actually published and live. What’s going on?

The question in my mind is: am I actually publishing the post or just hitting Save? As you can see … the two buttons are side-by-side in the WordPress screen where you write posts.

Although I can’t be sure, I don’t think so. I never click Save, because WP auto-saves posts every few minutes. And I’m pretty sure I can’t have made that mistake so many times.

So I’m wondering if there’s a bug in WordPress … and if anyone else has noticed it. I think there is, and I think I might even know where/when it is. I say where/when, because my guess is that the problem might be occuring when two things happen at the same time: WordPress auto-saves a post, and simultaneously, I click Publish.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this issue. To help me find out, I’m now going to very deliberately click PUBLISH.