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Holy freaking mother: stop the blog widget insanity

How much blog bling is too much?

Context: I was just at A VC – a blog by Fred Wilson, a New York venture capitalist that I follow from time to time.

He has about 5 million widgets and doodads hanging off his blog. He’s even worse, if possible, than Matthew Ingram.

Let me count. In the left sidebar Fred’s got:

  1. A picture
  2. Feedblitz RSS subscription form
  3. Yahoo! search widget
  4. Assorted other Fred Wilson RSS feeds
  5. My Blog Community photo widget
  6. Gotham Gal’s Stuff
  7. Podcasts he listens to
  8. Amazon music widget with about 15 albums in it
  9. tourb.us concert widget
  10. Streampad My Music widget
  11. Last.fm music widget
  12. iTunes music widget
  13. Shopcasting widget from ThisNext with about 6 products and full descriptions
  14. Alacra store search widget
  15. Blog categories
  16. Blog archives
  17. Blog about
  18. Blog stats
  19. Various links: axis of evil
  20. Fred’s social networks
  21. Facebook widget
  22. LinkedIn widget
  23. Some other links

In the right sidebar, not to be outdone, he’s got:

  1. Sitepal voice message widget
  2. Personality profile link (what a shock, he’s not high on aesthetics)
  3. Federated Media (FM) publishing banner ad (skyscraper format)
  4. Flickr widget
  5. Wallstrip video widget
  6. Shakeshack widget
  7. More FM ads
  8. VC Feedburner network widget
  9. WordofBlog widget
  10. Ad for another of his blogs
  11. Del.icio.us linkroll widget with about 20 recent links, including brief descriptions
  12. Indeed.com job posting “jobroll” widget
  13. Another Indeed.com widget, this one focusing on salaries in NY
  14. Blogroll with about a hundred blogs in it
  15. Another shopcasting widget from ThisNext with about 10 products, pictures, and descriptions in it
  16. Recent searches widget
  17. Contextual text link ads from Yahoo!
  18. Contextual text link ads from Google (could be against AdSense terms & conditions if Yahoo! is also being used – I think it is, actually)
  19. Recent posts

As I said earlier: holy freaking mother. Stop the insanity!