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Could this be our new coworking space in Abbotsford?

Coworking wannabes in Abbotsford: we toured a space today in downtown old Abbotsford, BC, that might just work for our coworking initiative. The “we” is me (duh) and Matt Farley, my partner in coworking crime.

As you know if you’ve been following this blog, we’ve been working to introduce coworking to the Fraser Valley – specifically Abbotsford. Coworking is an innovative new way of working that combines the best parts of a coffee shop, the home office, and work. It’s bringing needed social and networking qualities to the army of telecommuters. And it’s enabling working in your community, near your home, without the commute.

(More details here and here.)

The best place for a coworking facility is fairly close to you (so you don’t have a commute) and fairly close to lots of amenities and transit. This one scores pretty highly. Here’s where it is, smack in the middle of old downtown Abbotsford (away from big-box land and suburban sprawl):

How big? How is the space configured?
The space is about 4000 3000 square feet, so there’s plenty of room. It’s got some office space (4 offices) which are separate, but open to the high ceiling. And some dedicated desk space … and some open space where we can put some tables, sofas, chairs … all the goodies for a comfortable shared workspace.

The main entrance area, where we could put some tables:
Coworking Abbotsford: main open space

Where we might have some dedicated desks:
Coworking Abbotsford: dedicated desk space

And yeah, a full kitchen. Move in ready!
Coworking Abbotsford: the kitchen

A conference room for Big Important Meetings™ …
Coworking Abbotsford: conference room

Even a storage room for Stuff™ and maybe bikes, etc.
Coworking Abbotsford: storage room

So, what do you think?
Any thoughts? Looking good? Or, not a great location?

Let us know what you think …

And … of course … join us!
Let us know that you’re interested in a new way of working … check out our Coworking Abbotsford home page, and fill out the form. We’ll then keep you up-to-date on our progress.

Are you interested in coworking in the Fraser Valley?

You know coworking? You should …

  • Coworking is smart independent knowledge workers who work mostly solo or in small teams, but don’t want to be stuck in their home office all day every day
  • Coworking is remote team members of larger companies who don’t want to be remote from people & interactions & a place to go
  • Coworking is networking and creative interaction between people with different skill sets, maybe even in different industries, leading to different solutions
  • Coworking is a place to work but not a traditional office
  • Coworking is like the coffee shop, but you don’t have to buy a coffee or a muffin every hour – and it’s a bit quieter
  • Coworking is a space for small teams in larger companies who want to break off and do something innovative
  • Coworking is a place where growing companies can get a few spaces while they’re looking for other offices or premises
  • Coworking is the future

Well, we’re trying to set up a coworking space in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Yeah, right here in the Fraser Valley. With the farms next door (not really) and Mount Baker in our window (well, maybe).

The “we” part is yours truly, John Koetsier, and Matt Farley, of Pendeavor, a web design firm. You should join. It’s about the community, not about us. It’s about the space and the place, and the interactions with others that can occur when you’re there.

Pretty soon, you’ll have a place to sign up. It’s coming … on a page much like this one:

Details and links coming!

Coworking in Abbotsford, BC

I’m starting to think about starting a coworking space in Abbotsford, BC.

I’ve been working out of my home office for about 4 months right now, and while the commute is great, the community is absent. There’s a buzz and a beat to working with others – especially cool, innovative, smart, and creative people – that you just can’t match when solo.

The coworking wiki describes it this way:

Coworking is cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents.

Or, it’s like this: start with a shared office and add cafe culture. Which is the opposite of most modern cafes. 😉

If you’re wondering: what on earth is coworking, check out this video:

For more info, visit the Coworking Community Blog and the Coworking wiki.

Let’s talk
If you’re in Abbotsford and are also interested, let me know.

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