Strawberry Frog

A company with a conference table this cool:

And one that is still bold enough to put a Flash movie as the first thing you see on their site (remember skipintro?):

… must be a pretty cool company. And indeed, if you check out their guiding principles (aka ‘frogism’), they are:

1. StrawberryFrog means working SmarterFaster.
2. We are humans – everyone is entitled to fun in their lives.
3. No one is big enough to be independent of others; none of us are as wise as all of us.
4. Ideas can come from anywhere.
5. Ideas need time and space to grow.
6. We spend other people’s money as if it were our own.
7. The best research is subjective, creative, informs and inspires.
8. Be honest.
9. Don’t mistake comfort for good work.
10. When we develop work we ask ourselves: is it wonderful? Does it move you? Does it make you curious? Is it a simple idea? Is it culturally authentic?
11. Keep it simple, not simplistic.
12. Trust your instincts.
13. Take chances.
14. We don’t have to be big; we have to be good and profitable.
15. No excuses.
16. Smile.

I think I would like to work at a company like that. Wouldn’t you?

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