Yesterday was BC Day, a civic holiday in British Columbia, and Teresa and I took the opportunity to go to Steveston, a little fishing village-turned-seaside-destination in Richmond, BC.

Tagging in action – a physical folksonomy:

steveston in sand

The kids rode their bikes; Teresa and I walked. After lunch (fish and chips, of course) Gabrielle, Ethan, Aidan, and I checked out the docks …

kids on dock

Then we got down to the real business of the day: enjoying the beach:

aidan on the beach

Something about kids, wherever you go, they love water (and sand and muck and other assorted messy stuff). Gabrielle and Ethan …

kids in wave

And Gabrielle alone:

gabrielle in the wave

Aidan and I climbed a massive log and stayed there until Teresa snapped a picture:

daddy and aidan on a log

What a wonderful day!