steve’d: immediate reaction to Apple’s iPhone keynote

Just finished watching the Apple iPhone keynote. What a masterful Jobsian performance.

Random thoughts as I slowly exit the reality distortion field:

  • want one, now
  • five months is a loooooong time to wait
  • pricing is OK
  • gonna want more space than 8 GB, and soon
  • battery life is a bit of a challenge – this baby will need to be docked every night
  • beautiful, beautiful integration
  • amazing design
  • just to be clear (and to quote his Steveness), I’m not talking about pretty pictures. Design is how it works
  • the third-party app universe is going to be amazing … just like the iPod ecosystem today
  • he got Google’s CEO and Yahoo’s Cheif Yahoo on the same stage, seconds after each other!
  • telecommunications guys are boring
  • Eric Schmidt is boring, too, but at least he was quick

Oh, and one more thing. It probably won’t get to Canada for months and months after it launches in the US. Bleh.

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