Starting a new division is hard to do

As ongoing readers of this blog may or may not know, I’m starting up a new piece/division/value stream/part of Premier, the company I’ve worked for over the past 11 years.

I knew this going in, but I know it now: starting up is not easy to do.

Vision, research, product development, marketing strategy, marketing collateral, communication strategy and execution, training, more communication, finance, operations, demand forecasting, capacity planning, and general nursemaid, nanny, and bottle-holding mommy to anyone who needs information/help/etc. througout the process …. these are only the things I can think of right now.

Which is why my workday just ended and I’m turning the computer off now.

(As challenging as it is, it is also a huge, huge, huge, huge opportunity, and a lot of fun. It’s the chance of a lifetime, and I’m going to make the most of it!)