Starlink hits 250,000 customers, Elon Musk hints: SpaceX booking over $300 million/year

SpaceX is a bigger business than maybe we thought. At least in terms of delivering internet from space via its Starlink service.

From my post on Forbes:

More than a quarter of a million people could be currently getting their internet from space, according to Elon Musk. There are currently more than 250,000 Starlink user terminals in operation, he hinted.

But he did not specifically say they were in operation.

If 250,000 people are currently using Starlink terminals, that would be a revenue run rate of $25 million a month for SpaceX, given the $100/month charge for high-speed internet on the Starlink service. That translates to $300 million a year, and it’s on the low side because Musk said “over” 250,000 terminals.

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