Speaking at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech event with TransferWise and Bitrise

Usually I post about events that I’m speaking at in the future. Or events that I have spoken at. Today it’s kind of both, since I had the pleasure of recording two sessions for CB Insight’s upcoming Future of Fintech event today.

The first was with Clearbanc co-founder Michele Romanow; the second was with Balazs Barna, who leads North America at TransferWise and Viktor Benei, the CTO and co-founder at Bitrise, a continuous integration and continuous deployment mobile software development vendor.

I enjoyed our conversation, which will available at the CB Insight event in about a week.

What I asked Barna and Benei

  • Let’s start here … Balazs: what does TransferWise do?
  • Why did you need Bitrise … what do they do for you?
  • Balazs: fintech has changed so much in the last decade (and maybe in the last few months even more). What’s been the impact of mobile?
    • Viktor?
    • Is mobile the same as digital first? And … will everyone get there?
  • We’re seeing younger financial services companies perform much better on mobile. They release more often, have higher ratings. Why?
  • You’re in fintech. You need absolute 100% reliability. But you also need great UX … which banks and big enterprises aren’t really known for. How are you changing that story?
  • We talked about change already, but 2020 takes it to a whole new level. What’s been the impact of COVID on fintech … and on your development and release schedules?
  • Let’s chat about agile. It’s common in tech, but not so much in finance. How do you apply agile to finance and banking?
  • What toolset, cultural (mindset) changes, and methodologies can help teams adopt and successfully practice agile processes?

The session will ultimately be available here.