Some pix from the planetarium

I took my 8-year old daughter to the Planetarium today …. a Daddy and Gabrielle day.

It was a beautiful day and I took a couple of snaps …

Cancer and the moon
The Planetarium has this great modern art sculpture of a crab outside in the front …. I shot the moon between his claws. The spray is a fountain that comes up beneath the 4-5 metre structure.

Retro stars
They’re still using the same image/projection system as they were 20 years ago when I was coming here as a kid! Yikes … there are some vastly better systems out there now.

We saw this loon or tern or something vaguely avian outside by the dock on False Creek … note the tag on his leg, he’s a scientific experiment au naturel. That’s downtown Vancouver, by the way, across False Creek in the background.