Social Media Marketing: Brian Solis on Beating Digital Darwinism

Brian Solis has just released a new book: The End of Business as Usual, and he’s blogging about it, most recently with a post on beating digital Darwinism.

(In other words: avoiding extinction due to ignoring the rise of social … and the consequent change in customer expectations.)

Solis is a big thinker, and releases books with big thoughts. And I’ve had his blog post in a browser tab for almost a week now, wanting to blog about it but not sure how. Now I know how: simplification. Or, if not simplification, at least short-ification. Because if brevity is the soul of wit, Solis may not be the funniest man on the planet.

So, here are Brian’s 10 trends, shortened:

  1. Social networks & key influencers
  2. Geolocation & social
  3. Crowdsourced deals
  4. Social commerce
  5. Referral & recommendation systems
  6. Gamification of everything
  7. Mobile
  8. Multi-platformization
  9. Holistic branding & customer experience across MANY platforms & networks
  10. New expectations of the modern consumer

You really need to go and read the article, which is great. But I wanted to boil down the essence of why business is no longer “business as usual” in fewer words.

If I haven’t succeeded, castigate me ritually.