Skype & iPhone: pls get along

[ updated with a solution below ]

The iPhone is great in most areas, but notifications is conspicuously not one of them. It’s one of the things Apple’s trying to fix in iOS5.

This is not particularly useful, especially when you have multiple apps trying to get your attention:

But what’s worse is when I have all notifications turned off … and Skype is STILL sending me notifications ….

And maybe even worse is when Skype doesn’t even show up in the list of apps that can send or not send notifications, which you see when you turn notifications on, and customize settings per app:

Not very impressive!


It got fairly annoying … 28 and more notifications …

Eventually I solved it by just logging out of Skype. Problem solved.

But it sucks if you’re Skype … your communication software is so annoying that someone has to get out of it just to stop it from taking over their mobile device.