Skitch: the unbelievably easy image annotator

skitchA few weeks ago I went searching for a simple, quick image annotation utility.

I annotate images and PDFs every day, multiple times a day. And most tools currently in use for it are expensive or user UNfriendly, or both.

So I couldn’t have been happier when I found Skitch. Skitch is a dead-simple utility that allows you to edit image files, quickly annotating them with circles, squares, text, and arrows in a variety of sizes and colors.

Oh, and did I mention it’s drop-dead gorgeous? Seriously, if I can say this without losing all my card-carrying guy credentials, how many apps have an icon that beautiful? Here’s the good part: in this case, the beauty is not just skin-deep.

I happen to use Mac OS X’s built-in utilities for screen captures, or in some rare cases, Snapz Pro X. But Skitch can handle that as well.

One feature that has completely saved my Canadian bacon is Skitch’s history. In the course of a day of architecting software, creating wireframes out of pieces of this and pieces of that, I go through a LOT of screenshots. Being a bit of a neat freak in terms of my desktop, I tend to delete them just as quickly as I create them … sometimes too quickly. But fortunately, Skitch has a memory, and I’ve been able to retrieve images from Skitch that would otherwise have taken me multiple minutes to re-create.

An interesting add-on: Skitch is trying to make sharing screen caps a social activity: sharing them. I’m not too sure how big this will become – it seems a bit of a stretch – or if they are simply angling to be acquired by one of the big social networking sites. In any case, since most of my shots are work-related, I can’t post them to a public site.

OK. A picture is a thousand words, so a movie must be at least a hundred. As soon as YouTube finishes crunching my screencast, I’ll embed a quick video here of Skitch in action …


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