SKAdNetwork webinar: How to tackle key challenges

iOS app store SKAN skadnetwork ATT

iOS 14 is out! I upgraded yesterday and tomorrow I’m hosting an SKAdNetwork webinar. And … I have some very definite thoughts about it 🙂

The webinar is all about iOS 14, SKAdNetwork, and the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework. It’s TOMORROW, and it’s with Singular, Fyber, and the infamous Thomas BCN … growth consultant supreme Thomas Petit.

We will be talking about:

  • SKAdNetwork: major knowns, unknowns, and limitations
  • App Store rejections and fingerprinting
  • Guidelines around collecting identifiers
  • Fingerprinting vs probabilistic attribution
  • Whether fingerprinting is ever OK
  • Supply side challenges
  • The SKAdNetwork-compatible mobile growth tech stack
  • What publishers need to do
  • Reliable SKAN postback collection
  • Managing SKAN conversion values
  • Fraud prevention
  • SKAdNetwork reporting and raw data
  • Day 1 optimization

Hopefully we get through all of that!

If you want to join in on the webinar and get your chance to ask additional questions, here’s where to sign up. See you there!

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