Serendipitous meet-up

Had the cool experience a couple of days ago of meeting Alexandra Samuel on a flight back from Minneapolis to Vancouver.

She’s a freelance writer/academic/and more, and a fellow Mac user. I saw her pecking diligently away at her 12″ iBook on an early trip back to the lower-class WCs in the back of the plane early in the flight, and was so surprised to see her still working away 2 hours later on a stretch-the-legs perambulation that I mentioned the fact to her.

Turns out her iBook battery is good for easily 4 hours or more – to my PowerBook’s 2 hours on a good day with nothing to do but type slowly in BBedit.

The nice thing about meeting another Mac user is that there’s an immediate connection, and we started chatting about all kinds of geeky things like tagging, folksonomies, iBook hacks to get around Apple’s artificial differentiation of not allowing iBooks to connect to external monitors, and more. Very cool.

I took a look at Alexandra’s blog tonight, and while I’m devastated to not make her top 10, it is seriously worth a look.

A careful analysis of her blogroll, however, has convinced me that Alexandra is MUCH more interested in politics than I am. Perhaps I should introduce her to my sister. (Yes, I’m aware that’s a ghost site right now … be patient!)