(re)vision: Speaking at the American Marketing Association (BC) virtual event

BC AMA virtual event

Update: check out the post-event video below …

Looking forward to speaking at an upcoming AMA event in June. We’re still finalizing the topic, but it’ll be a fireside chat and I’ll be talking about life and work in the COVID-19 era:

A candid Fireside Chat with John Koetsier filled with Insights from the Future and New Rules of Engagement. He will be discussing the impact of Martech on people 1-5 years post-pandemic and the new rules to play by for marketers and consumers in the hospitality, travel and events, retail, and the fintech industries.

It’s the new abnormal. Let’s figure it out together.

The event is June 25-26, and I’ll be on Day Two.

Sign up here.

And here’s the video, now available via YouTube: