Quoted in AdAge on Amazon, Walmart, and the advertising tactics of retail giants

Happy to be quoted in George Slefo’s latest in AdAge in his story on Walmart’s new adtech ventures, where it’s following Amazon’s lead:

Walmart is now claiming that it can improve ad targeting while also helping advertisers measure effectiveness across the so-called consumer journey, John Koetsier, VP of insights at Singular, says.

“Walmart is doing this because they’ve built a giant business and a huge amount of retail customer data,” Koetsier says. “And they’re just starting to realize how valuable access to the insights from that data—and access to their customers—really is.”

Advertisers typically pay third-party vendors such as the ones Walmart is working with a percentage of their ad spend, which often ranges from 10 percent to 30 percent, for access to their targeting and measurement tools, says Koetsier.

“At Amazon you have to cut through all the noise from Amazon’s own branded merchandise and its house brands, driving the need for brands to buy ads to get reasonable placement for their own products,” Koetsier says. “Walmart may also take advantage of similar mechanics and essentially, like Amazon, make money not just from selling products, but from selling access to its customer base.”

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