pLTV in iOS 14: How to make SKAdNetwork conversion postbacks totally rock

The biggest lie about SKAdNetwork is that you can only return one post-install conversion value out of a pool of 64 potential options. Or that it’s basically a mono-channel conveying only one type of message.

Conversely, the biggest opportunity to win with SKAdNetwork is to deeply understand what it actually provides … and optimize the hell out of every last bit of it.

I mean that absolutely literally.

SKAdNetwork is, of course, Apple’s privacy-safe mobile attribution framework. And while it has definite limitations in granularity and post-install events — and does, literally, have only 64 discrete post-install conversion values — the secret to optimizing mobile marketing after Apple turns SKAdNetwork fully on relies on using every iota of an unsigned 6-bit entity that Apple calls “conversion-value.”


Because understanding the value of acquired users is critical to estimating ROAS and building LTV models. And it has to be predictive.

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