Ping pong in the office

At work we recently finished the bulk of an incredibly taxing project that totally occupied our time and attention for something like 9 months.

Now that we’re through almost all the blood, sweat, and tears, and are no longer living with a gun to our heads, we can afford to enjoy our working lives a little more.

So I bought a little ping pong net with 2 paddles and a couple balls, and strung it up on my department’s main office conference table:

ping pong in the office

That’s Carl with the red paddle, just missing the return (the ball is that orange blob down at the bottom). I’m on the far side of the table, where Mike is patiently toiling away while we lounge. Rastin is taking the shot with my camera.

The table is great … it is so nice to get up after a couple of hard hours and take 10 minutes to forget it all, whack some balls around, and chill out.

The curved corners are an extra challenge, and the quick way to win the current game is to drop the ball through your opponent’s hole – each side of of the table has a cable port designed for those who might be using the table to hold a couple of computers.

Highly recommended for all those with suitable tables. The ping pong set was something like $10 – a very cheap way to make the workday more enjoyable, and probably increase overall productivity too.