Peoplefeeds dead?

Whatever happened to Peoplefeeds?

It was a great service that aggregated your digital life. Enter your delicious and Flickr accounts, enter your blogs, and other services that you used, and Peoplefeeds would aggregate all of them into a continuously updated portfolio stream.

The site has been down for a couple of weeks now, and not gracefully either: it’s returning a 502 Bad Gateway message, which is the message returned when a proxy or router upstream of the server pool is not communicating properly with the actual serves that the site is published on.

If they were just down for maintenance or an upgrade, wouldn’t they have put a slightly better message on a default page? Also, their blog is down with the same problem, leading me to think that Peoplefeeds might soon be entering the deadpool.

Too bad. I liked their service, and thought it was valuable.

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