Pain worse than death

OK, I still don’t get it:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday ordered his staff to begin revising the California’s lethal injection procedure to allay concerns raised by a federal judge that condemned inmates are being subjected to unnecessary pain. (Full story.)

I posted on this months ago: We’re only going to kill him if it doesn’t hurt.

It’s not the pain … it’s the killing that matters!

Sure, pain is not nice. Pain is not good. Pain is, well, painful. But it’s a very small thing, really, compared to being dead, toast, BBQ’d, poisoned, beheaded.

Pain is temporary. Death is forever.

I think those who are in favor of the death penalty think it’s easier to convince others of the rightness of that position if they can say it’s a painless process. To me, that’s nonsense.

(And I happen to agree with the death penalty in some cases.)

If you can do it painlessly, great. Fine. But don’t defend the morality of capital punishment by saying it’s painless! Conversely, don’t say that capital punishment is wrong because it causes pain.

That’s just missing the point.

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