Osoyoos to Seattle

When we left Osoyoos for Seattle, we travelled down through Oroville, Washington.

There’s nothing to make you feel that you’re in the (rural) US like dead deer heads in a gas station:

dead dear heads

We went down through Washingon, crossing through Leavenworth, which is a pretty prototypical tourist trap done up in Bavarian (nicer way of saying German in the US) style. All except the Australian store and the Russian curios shop. Interesting.

I snapped this pic of a domed warehouse in Leavenworth as a memento of all the domed warehouses and factories we saw all the way through Washington. I haven’t seen them like this anywhere else – but the style seems very popular for a certain era of Pacific Northwest construction.

dome building

After arriving in Seattle and checking into our hotel, we immediately walked to Seattle Center, which is where the Space Needle, Science Center, Experience Music Project, and a variety of other attractions are. Outside the Science Center is a large metal sculpture that I dubbed Big Red.

big red

We bought a City Pass that night, and chose to go up in the Space Needle. After, Ethan and Aidan had fun on the big metal balls arranged in a semi-circle around the tower:


Teresa snapped this pic of me clowning around on the same balls:


That night I snapped this pic of the Space Needle through our hotel window (wouldn’t open). Not bad, even through dirty-ish glass and tripod-less.

space needle at night

Ethan and Gabrielle shared a queen together, as did Teresa and I. Either Ethan really loves his sister, or Gabrielle’s elbow is really yummy. Teresa risked waking them up to capture the moment:

yummy elbow