Organic reach: speaking at Marketing Connect in Nanaimo, BC

Updated with a message from the conference organizer below

Had a GREAT time moderating a panel on organic reach today at Marketing Connect in Nanaimo, BC.

No, it’s not CES or Web Summit. I’ve spoken there, and enjoyed it. But there’s something special about speaking at a smaller local event. You typically have a smart and engaged audience that interact and appreciate what you’re bringing.

And I had great panelists:

  • Sean Tyson from Quietly
  • Michael Owen from Maximizer CRM
  • Eva Taylor from Hootsuite
  • Carly Russell-Huntley from

A video will be available at some point in the future … if I find out about it or see it, I’ll link it here. Because (and for now you’ll have to trust me on this) it was dynamite. Seriously.

Here’s a list of some of the organic marketing channels we talked about:

  1. Social (FB/LI/IG/Twitter/YouTube/TikTok)
  2. Review/rating (Yelp/Google/TripAdvisor)
  3. Search
  4. Web/blogging
  5. Email/newsletter
  6. Apps
  7. SMS
  8. PR
  9. Bylines
  10. Word of mouth
  11. Podcast
  12. White paper
  13. Signage
  14. Packaging
  15. Hold music
  16. Speaking
  17. Hosting events

And … thanks to Dirk at Heydemann Art of Photography for these pictures AND for saving me and lending me his phone (!!!) when I left mine on a cab.


I got this amazing message from Kelsey Pringle, the CEO of Marketing Connect:

Hi John!

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you so much for your support and your awesome panel this morning

I am so grateful to have had your amazing energy kick off day 2 of our event.

I had many people come up to me to tell me that your you were one of their favourite speakers of the conference and that I HAVE to get you more involved next year!

I’ll be reaching out in the near future to pick your brain a bit about 2021 MCC.

Thank you again and have a wonderful evening,


Wow! All I can say is … I enjoyed it!