Opening wine with a hammer

It’s not too often you see someone opening a bottle of wine with a hammer.

However, that’s precisely what I had to do on Tuesday this week. We had a pizza lunch at our Langley, BC office to celebrate Christmas, and someone had a bottle of wine.

The first corkscrew just broke as we tried to pull the cork out. The second – a small portable model, just separated. The handle pulled out and the metal screw part stayed embedded, with the first one, in the cork.

Desperate measures were called for. Not finding a pair of pliers in the office toolbox, I used a hammer to bend the exposed metal part of the corkscrew, and then grabbed it in the claw and, over the course of about 2 minutes, pulled out the cork.

Having gone to such extreme lengths for a glass (read: styrofoam cup) of wine, we had to capture the moment for posterity. Here’s Rastin re-creating the scenario:

wine with a hammer

The results of the process, perhaps less than salubrious for some:

wine, hammer, effects