Once you go low, you can’t go slow: DoTERRA VP of Innovation Seth Winters

How did a low code skeptic transform into a low code evangelist?

In this episode of Low Code Ninjas we’re chatting with Seth Winters, the VP of Digital Innovation at doTERRA, a health and wellness company. Seth went native at first, but he seems to have found that that once you go low … you can’t go slow.

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Get a feature-rich app in a matter of days. It sounds too good to be true, right?

Tune in to our latest episode of Low Code Ninjas to learn how Seth Winters, VP of Digital Innovation at doTERRA, went from low code skeptic to an evangelist.

Saddled with a legacy e-commerce platform, the doTERRA team found itself looking at multiple years worth of work just to create an app, but didn’t have the time to spare as COVID-19 — and the increasingly mobile expectations of shoppers — made an app a must-have. But the doTERRA team also needed to ensure the app could handle the demands of eager shoppers.

“So when we run our promotions, we can generate tens of thousands of users in less than an hour, sometimes in less than minutes onto the site, which overwhelms a lot of our infrastructure,” says Seth. “So one of the important things we found is we did not want to actually put something in-between our user and the application… And when we work with FollowAnalytics, it’s actually loaded on the device, so it’s actually interjecting nothing in between, which actually was a huge win from our perspective.”

To learn more about how Follow Analytics helped doTERRA get its app to market quickly and with a great user experience, tune in to the episode.