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I have the following problems:

1.Deleted mail keeps re-appearing:
The mail that keeps reappearing is Apple Hot News
1. I delete from the Inbox
2. Delete Trash
3. Rebuild all M’boxes

2. My notes now also appear in my inbox.
Deleting the notes in the inbox also deletes them form the notes side-panel.

Problem 1 now fixed by continually rebuilding the mailboxes (took about a dozen rebuilds).

Problem 2 is really annoying – anyone else having this issue???

Fixed problem 2:
Go to Mail Preferences>Accounts>Mailbox Behaviours>Notes you can untick
the box for “Show notes in Inbox”.
Your notes will then appear only under the Reminders heading below all
your Mailbox folders, where they belong.

Make sure you do this for every mailbox and make sure you save this option.

My notes are now where they belong in the notes section only.

I had the second problem as well … this is the solution.

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