On my bookshelf lately …

Draco by Ian Watson
Wow. Very good can’t-put-it-down sciency fiction. Watson’s language and word-choice is extremely innovative – a succulent read for a lover of books and language.

Capital Offense by Armin Shimerman
Just OK. Ends with a fizzle, as if the author and the protagonist just plain ran out of energy.

Fools Errant by Matthew Hughes
Really super-excellently good – fun, not too serious, not too fluffy. Definitely on the lighter side, but well-worth the time. (And who doesn’t need something a little lighter these days!)

Storm on the Horizon by David J. Morris
Rather tedious, actually. A bit of an inquest into Khafji, one of the early battles of Operation Desert Storm … Gulf War I, if I may say that. I don’t really believe the book’s assertion that this was one of the most critical battles of the entire campaign.

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