Off to the park

Tonight Teresa and I took the boys to the local park. Gabrielle’s in Tswassen at my sister’s.

Ethan and I played some baseball and then joined up with a couple of neighborhood kids for more baseball and an soccer game – with Aidan joining in for the soccer.

The interesting thing is that it felt like when I was a kid – when there actually were communities, instead of lots of people talking about communities. We were at the park, these two kids were at the park, we started playing together. That hardly happens anymore …

In any case, lots of fun and good exercise to boot.

. . .
. . .

When we came home, Teresa opened up the garage door, and Aidan happened to be standing next to it. We have the old-fashioned kind of garage doors, with actual handles on them. Aidan decided to grab on, and he was 5 feet in the air before I could grab him down!

It was funny to see him rising up like that, but also dangerous, since his hands would have hit the top of the garage door opening. Teresa went to the front yard to burst out laughing out of earshot, while I (mostly) seriously remonstrated with him to “never do that again.”

Life with kids!