Now that’s how to sabotage a project

Some people, when there’s a project at their company that they think is a complete disaster but for political reasons cannot openly oppose, adopt sabotage tactics.

In other words, they become an active participant, then find excellent reasons why the company can’t proceed. But, and this is an important but, they always couch them in positive language.

I’ve persevered on a number of projects in spite of well-meaning (but fortunately amateur) saboteurs. Most times their negative energies are so well disguised you can’t root them out. But here’s an excellent – and public – example:

According to Internet News, the US Commerce department has commissioned a study saying that transitioning to IPv6 will cost $25-$75 billion.

Unbelievable. That’s more than it will cost to rebuild New Orleans!

Now that’s how to conduct sabotage operations: release a report showing how to complete a project. Then, on the last page, add one tiny little detail: an absolutely stupendous, enormous, ridiculous price tag.

Mission accomplished!