New rules of marketing engagement: Mobile gaming

mobile gaming

COVID-19 transformed the way we live. As a result, people are using mobile apps and services more than ever before. As people stay indoors, global mobile games downloads have increased dramatically, with unprecedented rates, with nearly 4 billion downloads across the globe. But how can marketers effectively work to retain current users and attract new ones during a time when rules of traditional marketing don’t apply?

Join me as I present the New Rules of Marketing Engagement: Mobile Gaming, part three of an 8-part live video series featuring some of today’s foremost business and marketing executives in the mobile gaming world. Learn how these leaders are navigating the evolving industry landscape and driving customer engagement and retention during a time when #stayathome and #betterapart is encouraged.


During the webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How to translate growth into profitability
  • Three things you need to do to ensure your game grows with or faster than your competition
  • Top strategies to maximize the value of current cohorts
  • Two ways to boost return on ad spend by turbo-charging retention

Panelists include:

  • Sai Srinivas Kiran
    Co-Founder & CEO, Mobile Premier League
  • Rose Agozzino
    Senior Marketing Specialist, Ludia
  • Martin Macmillan
    CEO & Founder, Pollen VC
  • Jude Ower
    Founder/CEO, Playmob
  • Grant Harbin
    Co-Founder and CEO, Headlight

Join me in this third live chat with marketing leaders, focused on gaming