New rules of marketing engagement: Fintech

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

During this time of the Evolving Normal, brands are navigating their businesses and consumer behavior differently… because they must. The rules and methodologies marketers have followed for decades are gone for one simple reason: they do not apply to these times of uncertainty. Customers are engaging with financial apps and services in new, distinctive ways, and digital-first fintech companies are forced to adjust their course for 2020 and beyond.

Join me as I present the New Rules of Marketing Engagement: Fintech, part two of CleverTap’s 8-part live video series.

Join leading Fintech business and marketing decision-makers as they candidly discuss their thoughts and experiences as they market to their users during COVID-19, as well as sharing their actions and learnings during this time of uncertainty.


During New Rules of Marketing Engagement: Fintech, we will cover:

  • How today’s economic and health challenges are impacting fintech globally
  • Three key changes driving massive fintech adoption
  • Four things fintech startups and digital banks need to do now to capitalize on digital banking going mainstream
  • How retention paves your path to sustainable growth, even in a down economy

Panelists include:

  • Adam Hadi
    VP of Marketing, Current
  • Hernando Rubio
    CEO, MOVii
  • Annica Lin
    Director of Performance Marketing & CRM, Thimble Insurance
  • Duena Blomstrom
    Author of Emotional Banking

Join me in this second live chat with marketing leaders, focused on fintech …